1. Name
    1.1 The name of the Association shall be known as Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers & Services.
    2.1 The place of business of the Association is at c/o 156 Gul Circle Singapore 629613
    To promote, regulate, protect, represent and further the interests, conduct and operations of persons and companies carrying on the business of ship supply.
    To consider all questions connected with the ship supply industry, to collect and circulate reports, statistics and other information or advice relating thereto and generally to diffuse information and advice relating thereto or to the interests of the members of the Association.
    To promote social interaction among the members of the Association and other persons engaged, concerned or interested in the ship supply industry.
    To subscribe to become a member of or to co-operate with any other association whose objects and activities are beneficial to the Association.
    The Association shall have 3 categories of membership, namely:-

4.1.1 Ordinary Member
4.1.2 Associate Member
4.1.3 Honorary Member
4.2 It is resolved that another class of SASS Membership be introduced, namely Honorary Membership. The aim is to further strengthen and develop the Objects of the Association by actively involving key personnel from Singapore maritime community; principally ship-owners and managers, but potentially also others whose businesses provide a service to ship-operators. Such membership would be valid for an initial period of 12 months, but may be renewed. There would be no fee, but the Honorary member would be expected to be a proactive member of the Association. Nominations with Seconders may be submitted by any SASS Member. Such applications will be reviewed by the Council at their next Meeting. If approved the candidate will be contacted by his Nominator. If he wishes to accept he should do so in writing (including email) to the SASS President.
Any individual, firm or body corporate who carries on business as ship supplier and whose application or membership is approved by the Council shall be eligible to become an Ordinary Member of the Association. For the purpose of this clause Ship Supplier shall include only direct supply to ships, barges, oil rigs, vessels.

No sole-proprietor, firm or body corporate may be accepted for Ordinary Membership after 1st December 1983 unless:-

4.3(2) The sole-proprietor, firm or body corporate has been duly registered with the Registry of Businesses or incorporated under the Registry of Companies, Singapore; and
4.3(3) (i) In the case of a sole-proprietor the owner must be a Singapore Citizen;(ii) In the case of a partnership, at least 25% of the Capital in the partnership must be held by Singapore Citizens.
Any individual, firm or body corporate who carries on any business which is related to the shipping industry and whose application for Associate Membership is approved by the Council shall be eligible to become an Associate Member of the Association.
4.5 Application for membership shall be made on prescribed forms and applicant must be proposed and seconded by existing Ordinary Members.
4.6 A copy of the Constitution of the Association shall be provided to every approved applicant who has paid the relevant fees.